Is your life going well right now? If not, we are the right people to talk to.

Gabriele Joppien

The team LH Thomas and Gabriele Joppien have made it their MindArtMusic task to express themselves with vibration and to work on vibrations. Ultimately, a fulfilled life is a well-balanced vibration in MIND SOUL and BODY.

You are not doing well, you feel burned out, exhausted and tired, you are no longer in your shape, in your balance, are dissatisfied with yourself, your life and those around you.

What could you do, how do you get out of this mood, disharmony and vibration out of tune?

From the negative spiral out into your own development spiral.

We help you in our own individual way to see yourself as a holistic vibrating being and to get back from your life mood to your life purpose.

You learn to question yourself, to reflect, to make music, to meditate with you, to philosophize and ultimately to transform yourself.

We give you the opportunity to rediscover yourself through different forms of vibration in body, mind and soul, to see yourself differently and to recognize yourself with bright and clear eyes.

Live Balance, Flow Balance, Self reflection


L. H. Thomas

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LH Thomas (pianist, violinist) offers you qualified lessons in the world of piano - violin - viola, on request also beginner lessons in the violoncello, in order to lead you back to your musical destiny by dealing with instrument, sounds and harmonies, be it musical To compensate for your gainful occupation or as a vocation to learn the instrument up to your own master class in order to express yourself professionally with instrument and music.

Gabriele Joppien (artist, HP Physiotherapy / HP Psychotherapy, AstroCoach, KreARTivCoach, neurographic trainer and vibration therapist / craniosacral Tuina acupressure tuning fork and singing bowl)

Gabriele Joppien helps you through color vibration, sound vibration, both through energy work / meditation, and through her hands to get into your balance, as well as to your soul-heart determination.

Vibration work through astrological advice, creativity - neurographics / zentangles and also the mosaic.

Energy work for MIND SOUL and BODY.
The horoscope is always available for deeper self-understanding.